Baked Goods & Blankets

Absolutely delicious!

Absolutely delicious!


It occurred to me that a few too many of you aren’t aware of our delicious, gluten-free baked goodies!  I mix them up daily and display them on the counter.  I have heard them being described as “divine”, “sinfully rich” and “just plain old good”!  Ahhh…I have your attention now.  Make sure to check them out next you drop by and have a hankering for something sweet.

And another thought occurred to me that, as unusual as it may seem for a restaurant, many of you don’t know that we have blankets you can throw over your legs if you get a little chilly!  We do try to keep the dining area comfy and most people are satisfied, but every so often someone may want that little extra bit of warmth,



and what’s more cozy than a blankie?

Look forward to seeing you soon!




4 thoughts on “Baked Goods & Blankets

  1. So glad you have GF menu options and your heavenly GF baked goodies. WIth so much cr*p food in Colfax, I deeply appreciate having you as my “go-to” cafe of choice. Love from your fav Lunatic w/special features!


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