Food Menu

Call ahead at 530-346-8833 for take away!


8 thoughts on “Food Menu

    • I’ve noticed that on my android and hoped it was just my phone. I do know that it works on larger screen formats, such as a laptop.

      So sorry for the inconvenience. I’ll be researching that.


  1. You are losing money, lots of money, by not having a Veg*n section. Veg*ns are very influential in their groups and will steer their meat eating friends away from your restaurant to one that caters to both easily.


  2. I love the menu, and found the website easy to use. I did have to scroll down to see the menu, which is why others might have said it didn’t appear. Your food is amazing, and I am a vegetarian and find plenty on the menu, thank you for providing the best place in Colfax.


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