A New Addition to the Cafe Luna Family!

Mario slammed 1

Busy Mario

We’ve been so busy here at our cafe!  With the article in the Foothills magazine – pg 26! and warmer weather, our waiting times for service had sneaked up to an hour.  Gasp!  When informed of this, most of you decided to wait it out – thank you! thank you! – but we knew this couldn’t continue.  Our food is great, but we understand that our customers have busy lives and can’t consistently spend a leisurely hour waiting for their lunch or dinner.

As it happens sometimes, when need reaches a certain point, help comes along from the most unexpected source.  In this case, Mario’s brother, Benjamin Cerecedo.  He is also an accomplished cook and has worked in many Santa Cruz restaurants and most recently


Mr. Benjamin Cerecedo

opened a new restaurant on the Santa Cruz wharf, Firefish.  The need to be closer to family and see his nieces grow up was the motivation for him to make the move to our small town, and he couldn’t have come at a better time.  He loves Colfax and he and Mario have been hatching up plans for new specials, new menu items and expanded hours.  There will be a lot more for you lunatics to love and there will be more reasons for those who haven’t tried our awesome food to get on in here!

What’s your favorite?



I was munching on my chicken fajita salad during a lull after the lunch rush, when I thought of a question a customer asked me:  What’s your favorite dish here?  I had to think about it since pretty much everything my talented husband cooks is spot on.  But it came to me while I was eating; the chicken fajita salad, of course!  But when I’m in a burger mood, nothing beats the Blue Moon.  Salad or fries?  Depends on my mood.

So I thought I would ask you all, what’s your Cafe Luna favorite?

And while you’re thinking of that, don’t forget to vote for your Best of the Best 2016!


You all have a great day and hope to see you soon!

It’s Time to Show Your Love!

vote best of bestIt’s that time for you, the reader and customer, to show your love!  The Colfax Record wants to find out who you think is the Best of the Best in Colfax.  Follow the link below to vote for your favorites, keeping in mind your favorite local Mexican diner that makes food that’s fresh and delicious (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).


Thanks everyone!

Poll Results and a Raffle!

Mario working at the grill.

Mario working at the grill.

Oh, my goodness!  Time flies when you’re having fun, doesn’t it?  Didn’t mean to keep everyone in the dark about the poll results – honest.  Some of the results were as expected, others were not.  So, you asked for it – we’re doing it.

Breakfast Additions –

~ Egg Sandwich

~ Eric’s Rancheros

Lunch/Dinner Additions –

~ Carne Asada as a meat option

The fish tacos were a tie, but we decided to keep that as special for right now.  These additions have been added to our menu, so if you want to see the meal details, check out our Menu tab.  🙂  As for the other requests that were made in the comments, we do appreciate the input!  These suggestions were considered but deemed not doable – at this time.  It is our goal to do our best by working with what we have available so what you get is top-notch.

Now to the raffle news!

Pic taken off a computer screen!

Pic taken off a computer screen

We will start selling Cafe Luna t-shirts within the next couple of weeks – yay!  The only image available was taken off a computer screen, but you get the idea.  One lucky customer will get to have one for free.  To enter, come in between March 8 – 12 and buy a delicious meal; each time you come in, a raffle ticket with your name on it will be put into a bowl.  The drawing will be held on the 15th.  Don’t worry if you’re not there – the results will be posted on our Facebook page and here on our blog, so keep an eye out!

Good luck!