Baby Steps

As promised, here’s another one of our changes.  More to come!



I want to thank everyone for coming to our Halloween party despite the rain and rampaging illness!  We had a great time and got to see everyone all dressed up.  And the contest winner for $100 food credit was Office Stephen Barker – or should I say Lt. Dangle?  Congratulations and better luck next time to everyone else.  We’re plotting something fun again, you can count on it!

Artists on Display

artists on display 2 artists on displayAt Cafe Luna we like to promote our local artists by displaying their work on our walls. The pieces generally stay up for a month before someone else is featured. The arrangement, putting up and removal is the responsibility of the artist.  Any sales information, if any, is at the sole discretion of the artist.

It makes for an interesting and constantly changing look for our restaurant, encourages the local art scene and gives the artist a little boost.

Would you like to hang your masterpieces on our wall? Give us a call at 530-346-8833 and ask to speak with Lauren.